The Basics of Lemon Law

Lemon Law is a law to protect the rights and interests of the buyer who bought attractive, but poor-quality goods. This law is rare in legal practice if we compare it with other law fields. Perhaps the reason for this is difficulty of the law, an attorney should work meticulously to apply it in practice.

Free services

Protection of your legal rights and interests in such cases is provided for free. Under any circumstances, do not pay a cent, even if your claim is not satisfied.

All you need is a warranty

The law will in the case if the goods were purchased with a warranty. For example, if you have a warranty on a car (new or second-hand) and you have constant problems with it: engine, operation board, air conditioning system, etc., then you have been handed a lemon. Lemon Law in this situation is that law that will provide partial compensation or replacement of the product with a new or different one, or full expense compensation.

Repair shops

How many times should to go to the repair shop to submit a claim to the manufacturer? Typically, four visits are enough when it comes to cars. In the case of household appliances, two visits will be enough. Turn your attention to the fact that you must retain all the documents that prove your repair history. By the way, the lost copies of checks (which can be restored in the repair shops) are also valid.

Keep all the documents of the repair history.

Keep all the documents of the repair history.

Timeline of lemon lawsuit

An average lemon law case takes from 1 to 3 months. However, it can extend to a year or more. It is impossible to know this in advance.

Paying attorney fees

As it was already mentioned, complainant does not pay a penny out of his own pocket. The losing side pays all the money. If the court does not sustain the complainant’s claim, he does not pay for legal costs and the lawyer’s service.

Kinds of “lemon” products

Apart from cars, any consumer goods may be subject to this law: refrigerators, washing and sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, computers, motor boats, yachts. There is a large list.

Recommendations for customers

Do not drag it out. If your car does not work right, do not wait until the trouble happens. The law works when something bad has already happened, but it does not refer to the potential threats to your health. In such cases other laws are functioning (for example, product liability laws). Do not use low-quality products if you have a warrant!