I need a lawyer: searching tips

Any person may get into a difficult life situation, which requires knowledge and understanding of the law. In such cases people ask for help a professional lawyer.
The search for a lawyer, as a rule, begins with asking relatives and friends if they know a sensible lawyer. If the answer is no, then we search for a lawyer in the Internet. And here comes up a problem: how to find a really competent expert in this ocean of advertisements. Here are some recommendations for those who want to find the best lawyer for themselves.


If a lawyer position himself/herself as an expert in both criminal and civil cases, it must be a cause for concerns. You cannot be a jack of all trades when you deal with law, because it is impossible to square the circle, although experts of too narrow specialization is also not very efficient. It is difficult to be a qualified specialist in today’s highly comprehensive and rapidly changing legislation.
For example, civil lawyers specialize in general civil disputes (contract law, property law), disputes related to inheritance and housing.

Detailed advice

Your lawyer must explain in simple terms the adopted position in the present case, the line of defence, the course of the lawsuit. It is unacceptable to hear from a lawyer: “Don’t worry, now I am engaged in the case, and you do not understand anything in it anyway.”

No rash promises

A lawyer cannot say in advance that the solution of the case will be positive; the judge makes the decision, not the lawyer. It is understandable that the customer wants to know in advance the outcome of the case, but it is impossible. If everything was so simple and clear from the outset of the dispute, then there would be no disputes at all, as well as the courts to settle them.

High price for the services

The services of a qualified lawyer cannot be free or, even worse, cheap. All sorts of offers to provide services for free is nothing but a way to entice a client to paid services. Cheap services mean that the lawyer is not experienced, or is not going to handle your case up to the end.


The lawyer must not take on so many cases that it is impossible to digest them. Unfortunately sometimes we see in courts that an attorney begins to hastily read the materials of the case already before the trial, and as a result confuses names, facts, evidence, references to the laws.

A good lawyer must take every little detail of the case.

A good lawyer must take every little detail of the case.


It should be easy to contact with a lawyer. Often the clients complain that it is impossible to get a lawyer on the phone, and he/she never calls back. This is unacceptable.


A lawyer or a legal firm should have a website. The site must contain at least information about the registration number of a lawyer, membership in a particular Bar Association, education, phone number, e-mail. You are lucky if you find a lawyer’s court practice, articles on the issue you are interested in. This means that the lawyer worked in this area of legal regulation and familiar with the problems of this nature.

What is wrongful death?

Causes of death are investigated by medical examiners. Death can occur as a result of external or internal factors. Judicial medicine distinguishes several categories of death, wrongful death among them.

Categories of death

Firstly, death may be violent and non-violent.
Violent death occurs as a result of effects of the different external factors: mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and others.
Non-violent death occurs due to various diseases. Hidden or latent disease that at first do not threaten life, under certain conditions may lead to a rapid, unexpected death, the occurrence of which arouses suspicion that the death was violent.
Such cases like murder, suicide and death caused by an accident are classified as violent death.
Nonviolent death may be sudden or unexpected. Sudden death occurs when a person dies unexpectedly from a disease, being apparently healthy (for example, when a person went to work and died suddenly at the bus stop waiting for the bus). Death may occur because of a diagnosed disease, but without any life-threatening symptoms to be observed, when the disease progresses sharply and causes death (for example, when a doctor comes to assist the patient at home, determines the condition of the patients as satisfactory, orders appropriate treatment, and some hours later receives a message that the patient died).

Wrongful death in the USA

We often hear stories about accidents or mistakes made by people who take care of us. Such errors may lead to premature death. As long as it does not happen to us, it is difficult to understand the full severity of the emotional, physical and financial problems of those who lost a loved one.
There exists a lot of situations when negligence of a person or organization may cause sudden death of another person. The first task of a wrongful death attorney is to find all the facts that led to the death of the person. These facts are often not easy to find, and it is necessary to conduct a deep investigation of the case. A wrongful death lawyer should do everything possible to restore the truth.

It is hard to imagine that sorrow which overtakes the family, which faced such an accident.

It is hard to imagine the sorrow that overtakes the family, which faced such an accident.

Most cases of violent death in the USA may be divided into three groups:
Accidental death. Negligence causing someone’s death is a widespread phenomenon. In some places, the risk is slightly higher: construction sites, parks, public transport, private boats, automobiles, motorcycles, broken wires, fallen branches and trees, as well as cots, toys and ladders.
Oversight in a nursing home. Nursing home is a place where everyone should get maximum attention and care. If a person does not receive it to the full, death may occur. And the responsibility for that should be borne by the organization. Even if you slip and fall – it can result in a bone fracture, which may become the cause of premature death some time later.
Medical error. This is one of the most common causes of violent death in our country. Often, the cause of death remains unclear or is indicated as a disease complication. Wrong dose of anaesthesia, wrong choice of treatment or wrong combination of drugs are never stated as causes of death in the official papers. If necessary, a lawyer should make a request for toxicological examination to find out the true cause of death.


Probate is a process which takes place when a person dies. In case there is a will left by a decedent, the court must respect his or her decision. In this way, the judge will decide what must be done to the assets according to the will. If a person dies without leaving his will, the court must refer to the probate laws. The distribution of property will be bases on hereditary succession.
The probate process is about collecting testator’s assets and distributing property to heirs.


Probate is a legal procedure that comes after someone dies

The probate of a will

This means that the will must be proved in a court. Otherwise the heirs mentioned in the will have no legal rights for the assets until the court admits the genuineness of the document. The will must be probated as soon as possible after the testator’s death. The person who represents his or her will on the court is either personal representative or an attorney.
A will that has been changed so that all its statements have become invalid will be denied probate. If the change concerns only particular statements, the rest of them must be probated. The documents that will be probated may involve all the recent papers that include the testator’s wills. Probate court’s task is to figure out what intentions the testator had for his assets by seeking all the necessary information in documents and other papers left by them. The court chooses to distribute a property according to the laws if there are no alternatives.
As a rule, the document presented to the court must be original. A copy of a will may be denied to probate unless there are some reasonable explanations for that. If a probate attorney proves that the original will has been destroyed or it is impossible to represent it on a trial due to some particular reasons, it may be probated.
Some states have special laws according to which they can deal with such situations. Before the will is admitted to be lost, the thorough search must precede the trial.
In case the will has been made in a foreign language, it will be probated if the testator understood it. The will must be accompanied by a translation.

What is the probate lawyer’s task?

The probate lawyer is a person who is supposed to carry you through the whole probate process. The procedure depends on the country and the region where the testator died. Whether the person has or has not left the will also matters, as in different cases there will be different kinds of processes. That is why the probate lawyers have to be knowledgeable of the laws of particular country or state.

Where to find a lawyer

If once you face the problem that requires finding a lawyer, you start trying all the methods available for finding a right person to represent you in the court. Some people, who are used to turning to their friends for help, start asking all the familiar people whether they have ever been in such situation and if they can recommend an attorney. If you need attorney, it is right to find an attorney with a good reputation. There is a variety of the legal advice services that come for help. Such resources as www.lawyer.comoffer to find an attorney in a split second.

What is it for?

The web site lawyer.com offers to find a lawyer in every part of United States or Canada. You may also get a legal advice by pushing the button in the right corner of the home page and asking your question. There are over 75.000 lawyers in any area with whom you can get easily connected to get free lawyer consultation.

The legal advice can be given to any person with any kind of case. The goal of the attorney is to direct the client by informing him about his rights, and also by telling what he should do in his situation.

How to choose a DUI lawyer

Breaking rules hardly ever does any good, especially if it concerns driving under the influence (DUI). If you want to avoid long trials that may bring about a punishment, don’t drink before driving. However if it happens, you will need a professional dui attorney to find a way out of this situation. There are some steps to follow if you intend to start searching for a qualified specialist.

How to act

In our modern world where Internet has filled every single niche of our life, it does not take much effort to find any information about a particular specialist. Google some accident law firm, the respectful ones usually post information about their employees.

  1. The specialization. Law schools don’t usually produce Jacks of all trades, so you should choose a professional who specializes in exactly the needed sphere, not the estate or defense attorney.
  2. Years of experience. Lack of experience might lead to losing the case, so in order to avoid it, seek the specialist who has at least five years of experience.
  3. An awareness of all the aspects of your case. Usually dui attorneys are supposed to have some specific knowledge about what effects of alcohol are to be expected.
  4. Letters of complaints. Of course we have to admit that there are different clients with different situations. However the dwi attorney with a lot of complaint written on him is not a good option.

Making a decision

When you have found the potential candidates, it is time to meet all the attorneys to choose the best dui lawyer. The majority of lawyers agree to consult for the first time for free.

When you contact all the candidates, take a final decision according to your own idea who should represent you in the court.

How to choose a personal injury lawyer

When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

People turn to personal injury law firm when they need a specialist who is supposed to represent them in the court if they have been done certain damage, no matter physical or psychological. Choosing a right injury lawyer is necessary, for you need to feel that your attorney is the person whom you can trust. Right lawyer is not only a person with high professional skills, but also he is the attorney with whom you should feel nothing but comfort, so that you will be able to discuss what has happened to you.

Thesteps you should follow

Understand what kind of an attorney you need.Injury lawyers are not the same as the estate lawyers because they have other specifics. You lawyer has to be aware of what is involved in such cases as yours, and what is right to do in your situation.

  1. Injury attorney has to be experienced in the cases
  2. It is also necessary to understand the medical diagnosis engaged in your situation
  3. The understanding of the law basis

Decide what things are the most important for you in your attorney.
When you start to choose a personal injury attorney, it will be necessary to know what qualities a good lawyer should have.

  • The specifics. You cannot choose any lawyer with any kind of a license. Your lawyer has to be experienced in the injury cases.
  • It is a good idea to search for a lawyer among familiar people. Ask your friends for help, perhaps someone has already been in the same situation and knows an injury law firm with a good reputation.
  • Though this criteria seems to be quite obvious, it is often ignored. Look for the attorney who has been coping with such cases for years.
  • Check for the letters of complaint. Search some information about the lawyer in the Internet, so that you can form you first impression. There are lots of web sites that offer to make a quick search for the attorneys of different spheres, and where you can see the comments on the specialists.
  • Win or lose. Try to find a specialist who does not lose cases. It depends on a number of different factors that some attorneys win, and some of them don’t.Sometimes the personal injuWin or lose. Try to find a specialist who does not lose cases. It depends on a number of different factors that some attorneys win, and some of them don’t.Sometimes the personal injury lawyers may lose because they don’t pay enough attention to some aspects of their job or the case in general.

How to choose a personal injury lawyerMake a choiceand hire the lawyer.After you have weighed all the advantages and disadvantages, it is time to make a choice. Read your agreement carefully and sign it if all the conditions are fine for you.