How to find a child support lawyer

Child support is a payment made by a non-custodial parent to provide child with a necessary sum of money. The parent is compelled to pay the child maintenance by the trial after the marriage is over. The one who pays the child support is called an obligor. The one who gets it – an obligee, usually this role belongs to a custodial parent.

Child support is payed from a non-custodial parent to a custodial one

Child support is payed from a non-custodial parent to a custodial one

What is required from a lawyer?
A family lawyer who deals with the child support issues has to:

  • • Possess a thorough knowledge of civil litigation. Your attorney is supposed to know all the aspects connected with family law, i.g. child support issues;
    • Prepare legal pleadings and records. Your lawyer protects your interests on the court, so he is supposed to represent them;
    • Calculate an amount of money. Different states do not have the same guidelines for a sum of the child support payments;

What is taken into account?
The calculations made for the payment are made according to:

  • • An income of an obligor;
    • An obligee’s assets ;
    • Expenses for medical care;
    • Insurance;
    • Child’s age;
    • Everyday expenses;

What are you required to tell a lawyer?

  • • Discuss with a child support attorney what arrangements you have with your ex-spouse. In case of non-payment the child maintenance payments, you will be supposed to represent these arrangements on the court;
    • Show your personal financial information. It will be used during the calculation of the amount of child support;
    • Bring all the divorce and child custody documents;
    • Feel free to ask the questions you are concerned about.


Where to seek an attorney?
• Use special web sites intended to help you find a lawyer. Usually these sites upload all the necessary information related to the lawyer’s professional skills and qualities.
• Turn to your local association bar. These organizations provide with the legal help and will consult you through the phone.
How to understand that the lawyer is right for you
• Do not fall for an advertisement. No matter how well-made it is, such qualities as professionalism, education and a good knowledge must be on the top of the list of your demands.
• Objectiveness and analysis. The lawyer’s task is to evaluate your case from different sides. The lawyer is not supposed to agree with on every matter, but he should direct you by explaining what is right to do.
• Consult the reviews on your lawyer. The one who is praised for his professionalism and won cases is more likely to win yours than the one who was accused of unprofessionalism.

Domestic violence and Battered women’s syndrome

Domestic violence
Domestic violence is a form of abuse which takes place in a domestic setting, i.g. marriage or cohabitation. The domestic violence can be either physical or emotional and may involve one of the spouses and/or other members of the family. In most cases the victims of domestic violence are women and children.


In case domestic violence occurs, it is necessary to identify the BMW syndrome

Domestic violence may take different forms such as physical aggression or assault, sexual abuse, controlling, intimidation, stalking or economic deprivation. All the forms of domestic violence may cause deep emotional and mental problems. The most common mental disorder is a battered women’s syndrome.
Battered women’s syndrome
Battered women’s syndrome is a disorder that is aroused by a long-term abuse. The condition is dangerous as it leads to a psychological paralysis. The victim believes that all the assault actions performed by abuser are her fault. She keeps hiding the fact of the domestic violence, believing that the assault will finally stop. The woman finds herself trapped in this situation because she believes there is no way for her to escape the attacks. Even though such fears are mostly irrational, for the victim they are real.
The battered women’s syndrome develops in three phases:

  • • The first phase is when the abuser starts creating an atmosphere of tension in a family.
    • The situation comes in the second phase when the abuser starts committing forms of abuse, either physical or psychological. This phase becomes an endless state for a victim.
    • The third phase, also known as a honeymoon stage. The abuser understands his fault and apologizes. The victim forgives him and the cycle of abuse starts again.

The cycle is constantly continued and the woman starts believing that she is unable to stop it. The victim is sure that everything happening is her fault and her state grows into a learned helplessness. As the woman is convinced in her helplessness the syndrome keeps developing.

How to recognize the BMW syndrome?

  • • The woman believes she is in charge of everything happening.
    • The woman refuses to put the blame on her abuser.
    • She is afraid for her and her children’s safety.
    • The woman thinks she will be punished by an abuser if she turns to police.

The signs of BMW syndrome my also include depression when the victim is no more eager about the things she used to enjoy. The victim is also likely to start overconsuming alcohol or even become a drug addict.

A help of domestic violence lawyers

Laws for the domestic violence are changeable due to an unstable attitude of society to a domestic violence. The laws depend upon the values and historical habits that are normal for a particular society. This is the reason why the situation the victim might have experienced is not necessarily considered as a crime by law. However it may fall under other laws close the particular situation. That is why it is important to find a domestic violence lawyer who will find a solution.

When I need a Lawyer

A local lawyer is a law professional who serves in the population of a certain locality. Although he might be licensed to practice other fields of law, he particularly concentrates on tort law or that field of law that stresses about civil wrongs. There are many cases that involve the tort law, and this includes vehicular accidents.

There are lots of people who got involved in a certain vehicular accident and yet were not mindful in hiring the services of an injury attorney. What they did not know is the fact that injury attorneys, particularly car accident attorneys, are the best persons who can win their case. A car accident attorney is well-trained in cases that relate to car accidents and has a thorough knowledge in all the laws that intend to safeguard the rights of the injured party.

What to do when I get involved in an auto accident and when I need a lawyer?

If you got into an auto accident, and you obtained injuries because of the negligence or fault of another person, party or entity, then you must call a car accident attorney to check your case and fight for your rights in the courts of law. Regardless of whether your injury is a minor or major one, you must seek for an appropriate compensation from the faulty party.

In most cases, people who received minor injuries out of a car accident are not compensated right. Minor injuries are deemed to be insignificant and are therefore neglected despite the physical pain that the victims have experienced. Here comes in the great value of car accident attorneys. They see to it that your case is well-heard by the judge so that you get the compensation you deserve. Often, the winning party receives the full reimbursement of the medical expenses spent, including the damaged vehicle’s repair cost.