What is wrongful death?

Causes of death are investigated by medical examiners. Death can occur as a result of external or internal factors. Judicial medicine distinguishes several categories of death, wrongful death among them.

Categories of death

Firstly, death may be violent and non-violent.
Violent death occurs as a result of effects of the different external factors: mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and others.
Non-violent death occurs due to various diseases. Hidden or latent disease that at first do not threaten life, under certain conditions may lead to a rapid, unexpected death, the occurrence of which arouses suspicion that the death was violent.
Such cases like murder, suicide and death caused by an accident are classified as violent death.
Nonviolent death may be sudden or unexpected. Sudden death occurs when a person dies unexpectedly from a disease, being apparently healthy (for example, when a person went to work and died suddenly at the bus stop waiting for the bus). Death may occur because of a diagnosed disease, but without any life-threatening symptoms to be observed, when the disease progresses sharply and causes death (for example, when a doctor comes to assist the patient at home, determines the condition of the patients as satisfactory, orders appropriate treatment, and some hours later receives a message that the patient died).

Wrongful death in the USA

We often hear stories about accidents or mistakes made by people who take care of us. Such errors may lead to premature death. As long as it does not happen to us, it is difficult to understand the full severity of the emotional, physical and financial problems of those who lost a loved one.
There exists a lot of situations when negligence of a person or organization may cause sudden death of another person. The first task of a wrongful death attorney is to find all the facts that led to the death of the person. These facts are often not easy to find, and it is necessary to conduct a deep investigation of the case. A wrongful death lawyer should do everything possible to restore the truth.

It is hard to imagine that sorrow which overtakes the family, which faced such an accident.

It is hard to imagine the sorrow that overtakes the family, which faced such an accident.

Most cases of violent death in the USA may be divided into three groups:
Accidental death. Negligence causing someone’s death is a widespread phenomenon. In some places, the risk is slightly higher: construction sites, parks, public transport, private boats, automobiles, motorcycles, broken wires, fallen branches and trees, as well as cots, toys and ladders.
Oversight in a nursing home. Nursing home is a place where everyone should get maximum attention and care. If a person does not receive it to the full, death may occur. And the responsibility for that should be borne by the organization. Even if you slip and fall – it can result in a bone fracture, which may become the cause of premature death some time later.
Medical error. This is one of the most common causes of violent death in our country. Often, the cause of death remains unclear or is indicated as a disease complication. Wrong dose of anaesthesia, wrong choice of treatment or wrong combination of drugs are never stated as causes of death in the official papers. If necessary, a lawyer should make a request for toxicological examination to find out the true cause of death.