I need a lawyer: searching tips

Any person may get into a difficult life situation, which requires knowledge and understanding of the law. In such cases people ask for help a professional lawyer.
The search for a lawyer, as a rule, begins with asking relatives and friends if they know a sensible lawyer. If the answer is no, then we search for a lawyer in the Internet. And here comes up a problem: how to find a really competent expert in this ocean of advertisements. Here are some recommendations for those who want to find the best lawyer for themselves.


If a lawyer position himself/herself as an expert in both criminal and civil cases, it must be a cause for concerns. You cannot be a jack of all trades when you deal with law, because it is impossible to square the circle, although experts of too narrow specialization is also not very efficient. It is difficult to be a qualified specialist in today’s highly comprehensive and rapidly changing legislation.
For example, civil lawyers specialize in general civil disputes (contract law, property law), disputes related to inheritance and housing.

Detailed advice

Your lawyer must explain in simple terms the adopted position in the present case, the line of defence, the course of the lawsuit. It is unacceptable to hear from a lawyer: “Don’t worry, now I am engaged in the case, and you do not understand anything in it anyway.”

No rash promises

A lawyer cannot say in advance that the solution of the case will be positive; the judge makes the decision, not the lawyer. It is understandable that the customer wants to know in advance the outcome of the case, but it is impossible. If everything was so simple and clear from the outset of the dispute, then there would be no disputes at all, as well as the courts to settle them.

High price for the services

The services of a qualified lawyer cannot be free or, even worse, cheap. All sorts of offers to provide services for free is nothing but a way to entice a client to paid services. Cheap services mean that the lawyer is not experienced, or is not going to handle your case up to the end.


The lawyer must not take on so many cases that it is impossible to digest them. Unfortunately sometimes we see in courts that an attorney begins to hastily read the materials of the case already before the trial, and as a result confuses names, facts, evidence, references to the laws.

A good lawyer must take every little detail of the case.

A good lawyer must take every little detail of the case.


It should be easy to contact with a lawyer. Often the clients complain that it is impossible to get a lawyer on the phone, and he/she never calls back. This is unacceptable.


A lawyer or a legal firm should have a website. The site must contain at least information about the registration number of a lawyer, membership in a particular Bar Association, education, phone number, e-mail. You are lucky if you find a lawyer’s court practice, articles on the issue you are interested in. This means that the lawyer worked in this area of legal regulation and familiar with the problems of this nature.

How to find a car accident attorney

Even the most careful driver may get into a car accident, but not everyone knows juridical subtleties. That is why it is important to find a professional auto accident lawyer who will fix the problems caused by the accident.
The first task of a lawyer is tohelp you to mitigate the court’s decision or to escape responsibility. If injured people were involved, or the accident resulted in death of a person, a lawyer’s assistance is vital and a good lawyer is to be found immediately.
It must be said that it is not an easy task. There are many details that should be taken into consideration.


One should understand the difference between a lawyer and an attorney. To put simply, a attorney is a lawyer, but a lawyer is not necessarily can be regarded as an attorney. Thus, if you need an attorney (for example, if the case was opened against you), the first thing your should pay attention to is whether a specialist has a relevant certificate.
You can check an attorney by his/her number. Use only official state judicial websites and databases.


One of the most important aspects in searching a good lawyer is the place of work of a specialist. If the lawyer is not self-employed, he/she should be attached to a legal organization, it may be a bar association, lawyer’s office, legal consultation office. Be careful when dealing with independent lawyers.


How to find an attorney who will focus precisely on car accidents? This is a very important question.
It is necessary to give preference to an accident attorney. He has to specialize in issues related to traffic accidents and have extensive experience in this field. There are several ways to find such a lawyer:
It would not go amiss to study the practice of judicial decisions in those cases where a particular lawyer was engaged. You should find out how many cases were won. To do this, you can visit the official websites of courts, where this information can be found.
Another way is to search the Internet if the lawyer has scientific publications on the subject of road accidents. You can also check whether a lawyer was involved in some cases, which have caused a great resonance.

First meeting

During a personal meeting, ask how close your problem to a specialist is. State your position and explain what exactly you expect from the lawyer’s work.
Pay attention to all the details, such as: looks, intelligent, well-bred speech. A good lawyer must have an air of reliability and charisma.
Even during the first conversation you can understand the lawyer’s level of competence, whether he can adequately represent your interests in court.

After the first meeting with a lawyer you should see if your cooperation will be productive.

After the first meeting with a lawyer you should see if your cooperation will be productive.

What are the things you need to consider at the initial consultation? Pay attention to the following points:
Payment for service. This question should not be raised immediately. A good lawyer need to get to the details of your case. If a lawyer immediately mentions the payment for service, this can be regarded as an evidence of unprofessionalism and bias. The services of such a specialist should be abandoned.
Guarantee of success. If the lawyer is really competent, he/she will not immediately give you any guarantee. He/she needs to understand how things are going and analyze all the details. Only after that the lawyer will be able to give any forecast regarding the success of the case.


Great importance should be paid to the level of your psychological comfort. You should trust your lawyer. The relations between the lawyer and his client should be respectful and confidential. If these conditions are not met, productive cooperation is hardly possible.


To sum it up, a good attorney must:

  • have a registration number;
  • be attached to a legal organization;
  • be a specialist;
  • have good manners;
  • pursue case-by-case approach.