Top 10 largest law firms

Many large legal firms have international status. Some of them have attracted so much attention of the media and colleagues that they became the world leaders by revenue. These companies represent the interests of the most powerful corporations, such as General Motors, Motorola and Siemens. And this is yet not a complete list of their names.

Baker & McKenzie (United Kingdom)

Baker & McKenzie was founded more than 60 years ago, its staff comprises 4,000 lawyers, and it works in 42 countries. Its customers are the most prestigious companies of the world.
When dealing with clients, the firm never forgets its high values and attaches great importance to consistency and responsibility. For three years it has been heading Sharplegal Global Elite Brand Index, a list of leading law firms of the world, carried out by by Acritas.

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom (USA)

Skadden is an international company, which traces its history since 1948. Its headquarters are located in the US. Forbes acknowledged Skadden as most powerful law firm on Wall Street. Since 2001, the magazine has been calling it the best in the country.

DLA Piper (United Kingdom)

The headquarters of DLA Piper are located in the United Kingdom. The company works in more than 30 countries and has 4200 lawyers. It has no equal to DLA Piper when we compare revenues.
In 2012, the company ranked fifth highest in Sharplegal Global Elite Brand Index for its exceptional services.

Allen & Overy (United Kingdom)

Spacious and modern Allen & Overy office

Spacious and modern Allen & Overy office.

Allen & Overy is another behemoth from the legal world. It has awards in such categories as “Best Law Firm of the Year,” “Labor Law Firm of the Year,” “Insurance Law Firm of the Year” and “International Firm of the Year”.
A&O has 42 offices in 29 countries. The number of its clients is more than 5000.

Linklaters (United Kingdom)

The history of Linklaters counts 175 years. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It works in 20 countries. Currently Linklaters provides legal services in the areas of corporate, banking and tax law, as well as in real estate, crisis management, private equity, investment management and healthcare.

Clifford Chance (United Kingdom)

Name Clifford Chance is one of the best-known in the legal industry. This company operates in 25 countries.
Clifford Chance appeared in 1987 after a large merger. Since that time, it has been maintaining long-standing relationships with clients and offers them a wide range of legal services. Its activities include capital markets, litigation and dispute resolution.

Latham & Watkins (USA)

Latham & Watkins was founded in 1934 in Los Angeles and expanded rapidly in the international arena. Today Latham successfully represents the interests of well-known companies. In 2007 Latham & Watkins first American firm has earned more than $ 2 billion. It has numerous awards for example, “Law Firm of the Decade” and “The most respected company.”

Kirkland & Ellis (USA)

Kirkland & Ellis office in Chicago.

Kirkland & Ellis office in Chicago.

International Kirkland & Ellis Company operates in the field of commercial law and provides services related to litigation, taxes, corporate transactions and intellectual property rights.
Among the prominent clients are United Airlines, Intel, Samsung Electronics, Siemens, Motorola and General Motors.

Sidley Austin (USA)

Sidley Austin provides specialized services in the area of litigation in 19 cities around the world. One of the first customers of the company was Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s widow. 1700 lawyers work in Sidley Austin. The company has always been in the focus of the legal industry and has received many awards. In 2012, Sidley was recognized as the law firm of the year in the areas of litigation and the capital markets.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer (United Kingdom)

The headquarters of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer are situated in London. This transnational corporation has 27 offices in 17 jurisdictions: European, Asian and Middle East as well as in the United States.
The company was founded in 1743, and since its beginning Freshfields has gained many awards, which helped it to get into the top 10 largest law firms according to SPEAR’S. The company is among the world leaders by revenues. In the 2012/2013 fiscal year, it amounted to 2.092 billion dollars.

The Basics of Lemon Law

Lemon Law is a law to protect the rights and interests of the buyer who bought attractive, but poor-quality goods. This law is rare in legal practice if we compare it with other law fields. Perhaps the reason for this is difficulty of the law, an attorney should work meticulously to apply it in practice.

Free services

Protection of your legal rights and interests in such cases is provided for free. Under any circumstances, do not pay a cent, even if your claim is not satisfied.

All you need is a warranty

The law will in the case if the goods were purchased with a warranty. For example, if you have a warranty on a car (new or second-hand) and you have constant problems with it: engine, operation board, air conditioning system, etc., then you have been handed a lemon. Lemon Law in this situation is that law that will provide partial compensation or replacement of the product with a new or different one, or full expense compensation.

Repair shops

How many times should to go to the repair shop to submit a claim to the manufacturer? Typically, four visits are enough when it comes to cars. In the case of household appliances, two visits will be enough. Turn your attention to the fact that you must retain all the documents that prove your repair history. By the way, the lost copies of checks (which can be restored in the repair shops) are also valid.

Keep all the documents of the repair history.

Keep all the documents of the repair history.

Timeline of lemon lawsuit

An average lemon law case takes from 1 to 3 months. However, it can extend to a year or more. It is impossible to know this in advance.

Paying attorney fees

As it was already mentioned, complainant does not pay a penny out of his own pocket. The losing side pays all the money. If the court does not sustain the complainant’s claim, he does not pay for legal costs and the lawyer’s service.

Kinds of “lemon” products

Apart from cars, any consumer goods may be subject to this law: refrigerators, washing and sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, computers, motor boats, yachts. There is a large list.

Recommendations for customers

Do not drag it out. If your car does not work right, do not wait until the trouble happens. The law works when something bad has already happened, but it does not refer to the potential threats to your health. In such cases other laws are functioning (for example, product liability laws). Do not use low-quality products if you have a warrant!

Domestic violence and Battered women’s syndrome

Domestic violence
Domestic violence is a form of abuse which takes place in a domestic setting, i.g. marriage or cohabitation. The domestic violence can be either physical or emotional and may involve one of the spouses and/or other members of the family. In most cases the victims of domestic violence are women and children.


In case domestic violence occurs, it is necessary to identify the BMW syndrome

Domestic violence may take different forms such as physical aggression or assault, sexual abuse, controlling, intimidation, stalking or economic deprivation. All the forms of domestic violence may cause deep emotional and mental problems. The most common mental disorder is a battered women’s syndrome.
Battered women’s syndrome
Battered women’s syndrome is a disorder that is aroused by a long-term abuse. The condition is dangerous as it leads to a psychological paralysis. The victim believes that all the assault actions performed by abuser are her fault. She keeps hiding the fact of the domestic violence, believing that the assault will finally stop. The woman finds herself trapped in this situation because she believes there is no way for her to escape the attacks. Even though such fears are mostly irrational, for the victim they are real.
The battered women’s syndrome develops in three phases:

  • • The first phase is when the abuser starts creating an atmosphere of tension in a family.
    • The situation comes in the second phase when the abuser starts committing forms of abuse, either physical or psychological. This phase becomes an endless state for a victim.
    • The third phase, also known as a honeymoon stage. The abuser understands his fault and apologizes. The victim forgives him and the cycle of abuse starts again.

The cycle is constantly continued and the woman starts believing that she is unable to stop it. The victim is sure that everything happening is her fault and her state grows into a learned helplessness. As the woman is convinced in her helplessness the syndrome keeps developing.

How to recognize the BMW syndrome?

  • • The woman believes she is in charge of everything happening.
    • The woman refuses to put the blame on her abuser.
    • She is afraid for her and her children’s safety.
    • The woman thinks she will be punished by an abuser if she turns to police.

The signs of BMW syndrome my also include depression when the victim is no more eager about the things she used to enjoy. The victim is also likely to start overconsuming alcohol or even become a drug addict.

A help of domestic violence lawyers

Laws for the domestic violence are changeable due to an unstable attitude of society to a domestic violence. The laws depend upon the values and historical habits that are normal for a particular society. This is the reason why the situation the victim might have experienced is not necessarily considered as a crime by law. However it may fall under other laws close the particular situation. That is why it is important to find a domestic violence lawyer who will find a solution.

Divorce laws in California: Q&A

How much time does the divorce process take?

At least 6 months should pass either since the date when respondent received the summons and the petition for the dissolution of marriage, or since the date when the respondent made appearance.

Can I get a divorce within a period less than 6 months?

If both spouses agree to the divorce terms before the end of waiting period, they can draw up a divorce agreement and obtain a bill of divorce, but they will not be identified as divorced until the 6-month period expires. The parties will have the bill of divorce in advance, where the divorce date will be attached to the future.

What should I do after receiving a statement of claim for divorce?

If you received a statement of claim for divorce, your response should be submitted within 30 days. The response is a paper that shows that you are interested in the divorce proceedings, i.e. you want to be apprised of all the dates when you have to be present in court, that you will participate in the lawsuit by court appearance to expedite the judicial decision.

What if I leave the response to the claim for divorce unsubmitted?

If the response is not exhibited in court, the decision will be issued without your participation, i.e. according to the statement of the adverse party. Therefore, if the case involves property or children, it is reasonable to send a response.

Divorce and separation: what is the difference?

The first difference is that the adjudication of the separation does not break off the marital status (i.e. none of the parties will not be allowed to get married again until the marriage is ended with divorce, or death of a spouse.) Usually people get a separation agreement, when they cannot get a divorce for religious or personal reasons. Also, there is no “waiting period” in separation lawsuit. The decision of separation can be obtained very quickly, though if one of the spouses does not want to get separation, the decision of separation is impossible obtain.)

Separation does not break off the marital status.

Separation does not break off the marital status.

We gоt married outside of California. Can I get a divorce in CA?

Yes, you can. But you should take into consideration one nuance: to have the right get a divorce, one of the spouses must have been living for 6 months in CA and for at least 3 months in the county where the claim was initiated. If you have just moved to this state and you would like get a quick divorce, talk to California lawyers, as there are some legitimate “back-channels”.

An order to show cause, what is it?

Order to show cause (OSC) is an request for a court hearing. To make such an request you should provide certain papers. In the submitted papers, you ask for a specific temporary solution concerning the particular issue. This decision will be valid until the next or final decision of the court. Usually such decisions are requested when children involved and there are such issues as child’s place of residence, child support, visiting rights. The judge will decide if your request should be complied.

Child custody

The types of custody

Child custody is a form of a guardianship of a child under 18 years old. The custody becomes the most important matter during the divorce trials if the couple has children. The custody is divided into physical or legal. Physical custody means providing the child with everything necessary for him or her, for example the housing, financial security, education, fulfilling the child’s needs. Legal custody is about the right of a parent to make decisions concerning the child, such as medical treatment, religion and insurance. When one parent receives a primary custody, his or her ex-spouse usually gets visitation rights. In some cases the parent may be forbidden to visit a child.

The primary custodians

The right of being a privileged custodian was traditionally given to a mother. However today the views on this subject have changed and the primary custody can be given a father, if the child’s mother is not able to provide a child with proper conditions.

Seeking a lawyer

Turning for help to the custody attorney during the divorce is necessary, as this is a specialist who will assist you in the issues of the custody. The specialists of such kind should have a developed understanding of the family law and know how to adjust to the different and unexpected situations.

Before a discussion of your case with a lawyer you have to decide what you expect from your ex-spouse. The family law has some certain flexibility and there are questions that must be discussed out of the trial. If you both find a way to come to conclusion, you will need to represent your resolution to the custody lawyer, so that your attorney can know what you expect him to do. Discuss with the lawyer all the details of your divorce. Do not forget to inform him about the things that might be used as evidence against you on trial.

What your lawyer might need

Bring with you the documentation of assets and birthrights, all of them might be in handy for giving child custody advice. In order to gain a particular advantage on court, you may try using evidence of your ex-spouse’s wrongdoings and/ or the negligence. Remember that the attorney’s task is to facilitate the trials as much as possible, so do not hesitate to as him or her questions if something stays unclear for you.

Where to find a lawyer

In case there is someone among your family or friends to lend you a helping hand in this issue, it is a good chance. Unless you have any one to recommend a legal aid divorce lawyer, you can keep searching on your own. It is a good idea to start with a Sate BAR where you will find all the necessary information concerning the lawyers and the cases. Using Google might be useful as many respectful family law firms upload information about their lawyers including their fees, experience and education.

There are some notes you should take into account while choosing an attorney. They include education, experience and the level of professionalism. Education goes without saying, as attorneys are obliged to have a law license. Experience plays a great role, especially the experience in the cases similar to yours.

Criminal attorney

Criminal law attorneysare often accused of protecting the criminals. In fact they help all the suspects who find themselves in such difficult situations to have a right of being considered innocent until their quilt is proved. Criminal defense attorneyis a specialist who represents his or her clients whose case involves serious crime such as murder, rape, fraud, thievery etc. Due to a necessity of dealing with severe cases the specialist of this kind has to be thoroughly knowledgeable of criminal law.

Why do you need a criminal attorney on court?

The criminal attorney is the one who represents your interests and who is responsible for arrangement of your deal. On court a convicted has a choice. On the one hand, he or she can deny having committed the crime. In this case, the criminal defense lawyer will make everything possible to represent the client on court with a view to protecting his or her interests. On the other hand the convicted may choose a plea bargain, to admit having committed the crime with a hope of mitigating the sentence.

Classification and a difference between attorneys

The two types of attorneys are private and public ones. Private lawyers are paid by clients and given a choice whether to take a client under his or her protection. Public defenders usually do not have this privilege.The difference also lies in a salary. Private attorneys have a higher wage than public defenders do.

How should I find a lawyer?

The ways of finding a crime lawyercan be different. It is up to you to decide whether searching through the Internet or consulting your family and friends is the most effective. Another option is to contact your local BAR association in order to get some information about criminal attorneysand get a phone consultation. Phone lines of law firms also come in handy in this situation. Beside all this it is a good idea to use Google search for this need. Law firms often prefer uploading profiles of their attorneys with full information about them.

Specialization is a must

Criminal defense lawyers just as many other specialists may be very different. If you were caught with drugs, find the one who specializes on drug law. In you are accused of drunk driving, find a DUI attorney. A specialist in a certain sphere will help you sooner than the general criminal defense lawyers. Someattorneys might specialize in a few different areas of criminal laws. However it is not a good idea to hire a lawyer who has mostly been specializing in one particular thing more than in those which you need.

What to look at during an arrangement?

First you should make a list of your potential attorneys. After that it is time to meet all them and discuss your problem. In case with private attorneys not only a client but also a lawyer have to think whether the case is worth taking.Private ones may ask for a fee for their consultation while public defenders always consult for free. Apart from making a list of attorneys, it is useful to prepare a list of questions you may be interested in. First of all it will be necessary to ask him or her about their educational background and experience.

Medicalmalpractice law

In general meaning malpractice is a term that refers to the negligence in professional fields. Usually it is associated with a medical malpractice which is the most common. However professional misconduct may occur in any kind of sphere, and can be sued as a rejection of standards. The medical malpractice is said to appear in 5-10 % each year but not all of the cases are proved to be a malpractice.

What tasks do you have in your case?

  • Proving the negligence

The first thing that must be represented to the judge is a proof that a doctor turned to the substandard treatment that caused a significant harm to a patient. The malpractice law can be identified by observing the actions that the professional has done during the treatment. Evaluation by standards is possible by giving a level of the medical standard care during the therapy. In other words the court will have to follow the doctor’s steps judging by what the specialist of the same sphere would be supposed to do in the similar case.

Not every negative result of the treatment is a malpractice.For example, the death after a surgery or when the patient does not recover as he was supposed to do if he was informed about what results may occur after the treatment. While forgetting a medical instrument inside during the surgery would be much more significant error.

  • Proving the injury

The next task is proving that a significant injury has been caused by the doctor’s substandard treatment. In case when the doctor gives a wrong prescription, does not do all the necessary lab tests and, as a result, fails to diagnose the problem, and this all leads to an injury or even the fatal consequences the malpractice will be proved. In case the substandard treatment brings about positive results and even the full recovery, the law will be on the doctor’s side.

Finding a specialist

Findingamedical malpractice lawyer is not so easy even though the malpractice occurs quite often. It is necessary to find an attorney who specializes exactly in this sphere and is aware of what is included. There is no need seeking a general malpractice attorney. First of all, it is because they are not very common. The second reason is that it is always better to search for a specialist who works in a certain sphere. The malpractice attorneys can be found through special services for lawyers such as lawyer. com which are intended to help people find a specialist. You can also contact the local BAR associations and law firms who will not only help you with finding a lawyer but also give a piece of advice what to do in your situation.

Why is particular specialtynecessary?

Your attorney is supposed to have an understanding in a sphere of your case. A medical malpractice attorney has to have a general idea of what this malpractice includes. What is meant by that is that the particular specialist in this sphere has to know the medical ethics and what the proper medical professionalism is like. Besides legal malpractice attorney, for example, will not have the necessary understanding in the medical law to do a right assistance.

What to discuss with a lawyer

It is obligatory to explain what you expect the attorney to do. You have to learn more about the malpractice, what negligence you think your doctor has done and what results it has caused. You also have to be aware of the specifics of the harm that has been done to you. The more you know about your problem, the better the lawyer will understand your needs.

Do not forget that a significant part of your case’s results on the court depends on the malpractice attorney that is why you should not forget about such qualities as experience, understanding of the particular case and education. Be prepared to ask all the questions you are interested in during the appointment.

Where to find a lawyer

If once you face the problem that requires finding a lawyer, you start trying all the methods available for finding a right person to represent you in the court. Some people, who are used to turning to their friends for help, start asking all the familiar people whether they have ever been in such situation and if they can recommend an attorney. If you need attorney, it is right to find an attorney with a good reputation. There is a variety of the legal advice services that come for help. Such resources as to find an attorney in a split second.

What is it for?

The web site offers to find a lawyer in every part of United States or Canada. You may also get a legal advice by pushing the button in the right corner of the home page and asking your question. There are over 75.000 lawyers in any area with whom you can get easily connected to get free lawyer consultation.

The legal advice can be given to any person with any kind of case. The goal of the attorney is to direct the client by informing him about his rights, and also by telling what he should do in his situation.

How to choose a DUI lawyer

Breaking rules hardly ever does any good, especially if it concerns driving under the influence (DUI). If you want to avoid long trials that may bring about a punishment, don’t drink before driving. However if it happens, you will need a professional dui attorney to find a way out of this situation. There are some steps to follow if you intend to start searching for a qualified specialist.

How to act

In our modern world where Internet has filled every single niche of our life, it does not take much effort to find any information about a particular specialist. Google some accident law firm, the respectful ones usually post information about their employees.

  1. The specialization. Law schools don’t usually produce Jacks of all trades, so you should choose a professional who specializes in exactly the needed sphere, not the estate or defense attorney.
  2. Years of experience. Lack of experience might lead to losing the case, so in order to avoid it, seek the specialist who has at least five years of experience.
  3. An awareness of all the aspects of your case. Usually dui attorneys are supposed to have some specific knowledge about what effects of alcohol are to be expected.
  4. Letters of complaints. Of course we have to admit that there are different clients with different situations. However the dwi attorney with a lot of complaint written on him is not a good option.

Making a decision

When you have found the potential candidates, it is time to meet all the attorneys to choose the best dui lawyer. The majority of lawyers agree to consult for the first time for free.

When you contact all the candidates, take a final decision according to your own idea who should represent you in the court.

How to choose a personal injury lawyer

When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

People turn to personal injury law firm when they need a specialist who is supposed to represent them in the court if they have been done certain damage, no matter physical or psychological. Choosing a right injury lawyer is necessary, for you need to feel that your attorney is the person whom you can trust. Right lawyer is not only a person with high professional skills, but also he is the attorney with whom you should feel nothing but comfort, so that you will be able to discuss what has happened to you.

Thesteps you should follow

Understand what kind of an attorney you need.Injury lawyers are not the same as the estate lawyers because they have other specifics. You lawyer has to be aware of what is involved in such cases as yours, and what is right to do in your situation.

  1. Injury attorney has to be experienced in the cases
  2. It is also necessary to understand the medical diagnosis engaged in your situation
  3. The understanding of the law basis

Decide what things are the most important for you in your attorney.
When you start to choose a personal injury attorney, it will be necessary to know what qualities a good lawyer should have.

  • The specifics. You cannot choose any lawyer with any kind of a license. Your lawyer has to be experienced in the injury cases.
  • It is a good idea to search for a lawyer among familiar people. Ask your friends for help, perhaps someone has already been in the same situation and knows an injury law firm with a good reputation.
  • Though this criteria seems to be quite obvious, it is often ignored. Look for the attorney who has been coping with such cases for years.
  • Check for the letters of complaint. Search some information about the lawyer in the Internet, so that you can form you first impression. There are lots of web sites that offer to make a quick search for the attorneys of different spheres, and where you can see the comments on the specialists.
  • Win or lose. Try to find a specialist who does not lose cases. It depends on a number of different factors that some attorneys win, and some of them don’t.Sometimes the personal injuWin or lose. Try to find a specialist who does not lose cases. It depends on a number of different factors that some attorneys win, and some of them don’t.Sometimes the personal injury lawyers may lose because they don’t pay enough attention to some aspects of their job or the case in general.

How to choose a personal injury lawyerMake a choiceand hire the lawyer.After you have weighed all the advantages and disadvantages, it is time to make a choice. Read your agreement carefully and sign it if all the conditions are fine for you.

Divorce lawyers

Divorce is a termination used for canceling legal responsibilities of marriage. In such situations people usually turn to the divorce attorney for help. Divorce lawyers also deal other aspects such as adoptions, testaments and tutelage. This specialist is competent in the law questions. He is up to giving some advice that concerns the situation, provide support to his clients to make the situation less tensive.

How should you choose the divorce attorney?

Finding the right professional will help you to solve the divorce problems without too many difficulties. That is why, choosing the attorney requires following some steps:

  1. Ask your acquaintances whether they had such experiences. It will be better if they recommend you the family law firm who has already helped them once.
  2. Try to know for how long the lawyer was to deal with such case as yours. What is his experience in divorces? In law generally?
  3. Find out what kind of payment your lawyer prefers? Does he want an hourly pay? Do his avocations include a free consultation for listening to your case?
  4. Put a question to the attorney about out the references from other clients. Do some small investigation, browse the website. Think over the questions for which you want to know the answers.

It is a good idea to find several specialists to choose the one who you think is the most experienced. Prepare yourself before the consultations; think of what issues you are concerned about. Some clients prefer being sure in the fact whether they feel comfortable enough to talk about problems concerning the case with the attorney.

Only a divorce attorney is aware of aspects of the process

What to ask your attorney about?

There are also some other matters:

  • How much time does the process take? It always depends upon the case. Some processes may take about a few months if the agreement between ex-spouses about the divorce issues is reached. If one of them disagrees in some questions such as alimony, children’s custody, property issues, the process might take a year or even longer.
  • What does it include? The family law attorney should inform you what the process includes by telling about different procedures.
  • Agree on the way of keeping the contact. The attorney will need to contact you when he has something to report you.