When People Need To Set Off A Local Attorney Search?

lawyers1Sometimes deciding when you need attorney can prove to be questionable. When you are slapped with a lawsuit, it is obvious that you need a local lawyer, but a lot of people hire attorneys for advising on various matters. You can at times breeze out of a problem without an attorney, but having an attorney who has full knowledge about the subject and has fought similar cases before can prove to be very handy.


When Should You Call Attorneys?

Some situations need action immediately, whereas others can wait. If you have been slapped with a notice that has a deadline, it is suggested that you do not slack as the attorney needs time to prepare himself for your case too. In order for them to be thorough with your case and also to understand your opponent, hiring a local attorney or set of an attorney search at the earliest is advised.

If you are in doubt, always call an attorney. It never hurts to call one. You can always decide whether you want to continue with him or not.

There are different cases where attorneys are required.

  • Going through a divorce can be very difficult for the couple. Doing it can prove to be very time consuming and energy consuming. This is a time where the attorneys can really help you. These cases require attorneys specialized in home matters.
  • Accidents and other life threatening situations can call for an attorney as well. Criminal attorneys can be used in this case.
  • There are many cases where the lawsuit is against a company. It can be trademark infringement or copyright violation. We see so many cases, including Apple Vs Samsung where both the parties involved are business organizations.
  • Sometimes criminal cases are such that it involves extreme conditions such as burglary, theft and terrorism. In those cases, hiring a local attorney, is a must.
  • Lawsuits are also filed in the consumer court. If a company’s product has proved to be harmful to the consumer, the consumer can move the court. There have been many such cases against a lot of soft drinks such as Pepsi, Coke, etc. There have also been cases against food companies such as Cadbury as well.
  • An ordinary summons to the traffic court for parking wrongly or driving rashly may not require an attorney, but if something bigger is at stake, it is always advisable to go to an attorney. If a warrant has been sent in your name, then probably that is something to worry about. In this case, your liberties could be at stake. In the worst case, you might end up behind the bars.
  • Apart from this, a lot of cases require hiring a good attorney who understands your case and the pros and cons of it.

Before Hiring A Lawyer

If you want to sue, here are some things you need to think about before hiring local attorneys

  • Be sure whether you will be able to collect your judgement. Analyze the opposite party and make sure that the money you are pouring in for the lawsuit will be able to get you the judgement you require.
  • Are you willing to pour in the money that you require for a lawsuit and the attorney.
  • Are you willing to devote your time and resources to the attorney and the lawsuit? It can be very time consuming and emotionally draining to file a lawsuit. You need to be mentally prepared to let the attorney fight it till the end.
  • You need to check with your attorney if you are falling under the “statute of limitations”. Generally, there is a certain time frame till when you are able to file a suit for a particular incident. Once that is expired, it is not possible to file the lawsuit. The rule that places time limitations on filing a suit is called “statute of limitations”


What kind of attorneys do you need?

You need an attorney who specializes in your area of concern. For e.g., if you need to file a divorce case, you need to look for an attorney who specializes in family matters. Similarly, if you are moving the consumer court, you can look for a corporate attorney. Find a local attorney, this will make matters much simpler and faster for you.

You need to give all the details of your case to your attorney, therefore it is absolutely essential to have an attorney you can trust with your personal details.The lawyer should also be able to explain to you the pros and cons of the lawsuit and the situation that you are in.

Hence, before you find a local lawyer, all these things should be kept in mind. It is very important to have an attorney that would help you in every step of the lawsuit. It may take long for a case to get settled or have its judgement. Be sure to hire someone you are comfortable with.

Child custody law explained

Child custody is a legal registration of the relationship in which an adult holds account for the wellbeing of a minor (typically under the age of 18 years) or an adult with mental or physical disabilities. Custody is most often formalized when child is deprived of the parents; when parents leave them to their own devices; when they do not receive normal care; when they become a victim of ill-treatment or abuse from parents.

What are the responsibilities of a foster parent?

A foster parent should monitor the general welfare of the child, satisfy their personal needs – such as education, health care, normal living conditions. In some cases, the foster parent may also be responsible for the child’s financial allocations, although often it will be done by another person, a court-appointed executor.

What is the difference between child custody and adoption?

Adoption changes the relationship between adults and child. Adult adopters officially become adoptive parents. As for birth parents, they lose their parental rights and obligations to the child, including financial responsibility to them. In this regard, for example, if a biological parent dies without leaving a will, the adoptee has no right to inheritance. Although child custody also establishes a legal relationship between a child and an adult, it is, nevertheless, does not interrupt the previous legal relationship between the child and parents. For example, the biological parent is still obliged to provide financial support for the child, and if a parent dies without a will, the child retains the right to inheritance.

Child custody does not interrupt the previous legal relationship between the child and parents.

Child custody does not interrupt the previous legal relationship between the child and parents.

Can a person, whom the child’s biological parents are against, be appointed as a foster parent?

It depends on the judge’s decision. It all starts with the filing of suit to the court by the alleged foster parent. Then the representative of the court will hold a conversation with him, with the child and parents and present the recommendations to the judge. Child’s custody is usually not assigned, if biological parents do not consent or if the judge deems that the legal custody will affect the child and parents adversely. At the same time, a foster parent will possess perfect child custody rights if the parents gave up the child.

Is custody should be formalized, if the child is living with someone who is not his parent?

If the child lives with you for a few weeks or months, it is not necessary to establish custody. But if you anticipate that you will have to look after the child for a long period, for example, a few years, then you should think about custody. Without this, it may be difficult to send a child to school, provide them with medical care or get for them special benefits. In addition, you will have no further rights to care for the child if the parents are suddenly will claim their parental right, even if they are not able to take proper care of the child.

In what cases child’s custody is not required?

Let us assume that the child is living with you permanently. However, you can have a good reason not to register custody. For example, parents can be against. In addition, you can be not glad with the prospect of the consideration of your candidacy in court. Finally, the custody may in some circumstances (for example, when the child’s mother lives with another husband) lead to serious disputes, i.e. where the child should belong. In this regard, many adults raising children try to avoid the registration of custody through the courts.

When is the deadline for the  child custody?

In most cases the deadline is the time when the child comes of legal age. But the judge can determine that child custody is no longer necessary. Rare cases are when the custody was registered solely for the distribution of the child’s finances and there are no funds for the child’s support anymore. The deadline also comes when when the child dies. It should be borne in mind that, even if the custory remains in effect, the foster parent has the right to abandon the role by legal means. In this case, the court will appoint a new foster parent.

Who supports the child financially during the period of custody?

The biological parents of the child (except in the case when the court will deprive them of their parental rights, which is unlikely) must be responsible for it. But in fact, it often turns out that the material welfare of the child comes upon the foster parents. For example, it is them who in some cases seek for social assistance and other benefits on behalf of the child. By the way, all funds received for the child should be spent only for the child’s needs. The more the amount of these funds, the greater the possibility that the judge will require to present a periodic report on their spending.

Accident law in Q&A

What should I do if I got into an accident or suffered an injury? Where should I call first?

Of course, first of all you should make a call to the police. It is desirable that the injured person capture in documents all injuries received. To do this contact the hospital. If possible, make detailed pictures of the crime scene or accident. Sometimes the accident cause may be a crack in the pavement, slippery floor in the store, open hatch and so on. After you got necessary help from the emergency services, call your lawyer.

How much time passes from the moment of contacting a lawyer to getting compensation?

Everything depends on the complexity of the case. In some cases, the person receives compensation within a few months, in other – waits for a few years. Courts are too overwhelmed, so sometimes affected people have to wait. If you are living in a big city with a developed infrastructure like New York, auto accidents, construction accidents and injuries, unfortunately, become commonplace here. Experience shows that New Yorkers could be affected in a completely anywhere: in your own home, on the street, in private and public transport, elevators, stores, at work, in public parks, etc…

An accident may happen everywhere, and no one is immune from it.

An accident may happen everywhere, and no one is immune from it.

Does a person who receives compensation for pain and suffering save government benefits (Medicare, Medicaid, Section Eight, SSI, etc.)?

This question can not be answered in unambiguous terms. The answer depends on a variety of factors, among them: the amount of compensation and types of benefits received.

What are the most common medical errors committed by doctors?

Every day in the country doctors made thousands of different medical errors, after which people either die or remain disabled for life. As practice shows, errors are done by doctors of various specialties. Also today childbirth errors are very common.

What factors influence the amount of compensation for the victims of personal injury?

A person guilty of causing injury (and, consequently, their representatives from an onsurance company) is obliged to compensate medical treatment costs and loss of income because of the incapacity for work caused by an accident. At the same time it does not matter whether the job was permanent or temporary, full-time or hourly, for another employer or as a freelance worker. In addition, the victim may receive money for physical pain, suffering, disability, damage caused to his family, social or educational future (college, planned vacation or remarkable dates), emotional damage (state of stress, depression, disorder in family relationships), failing to take care of children, stress caused by the consequences of the incident – for example, a stillborn child or sexual disorder. Finally, the amount of compensation includes damage of material property, usually as a result of car accidents.

How to estimate the damage?

It is easy to count the money spent on doctors or car repairs. It is more difficult to specify the figure expressing physical pain or lost job prospects. For this purpose damage assessment formula is used. At the beginning of the negotiations with the insurance company all the medical costs associated with an accident are summed up. This initial figure is the basis for both parties of the accidents (the victim and the perpetrator) to establish the final amount of compensation. For example, if the injury is not very serious, the amount of compensation will be 1.5-2 times greater than the initial figures, in the case of more serious injuries, it will increase to 4 or 5 times. Then, financial losses caused by the incapacity for work are added to the sum. If the opposite side bears full responsibility for the incident, the latter figure becomes final. If the victim is partially to blame for the incident, the amount of compensation will be reduced by this same share of the blame. For example, if it is proved that you acted negligently, which contributed 25% to the incident, you may qualify for compensation for the quarter smaller than if the blame is completely laid down on the opposite party.

Personal injury law: brain injuries

Brain injuries and their consequences are one of the most difficult unsettled problems of modern medicine. They are of paramount importance due to their prevalence and serious medical and social consequences. Typically, the number of people who suffered a head injury significantly increases in periods of wars and years around them. However, in peacetime, due to increasing the level of technical development, injury rates are quite high.

Types of head injuries

Brain injuries are mechanical damages of the brain and skull bones, varied in type and severity. Head injuries are divided into open and closed. When an injury is closed, the integrity of skull bones is not violated, but if it is, the injury is open. Open head injuries can be penetrating and non-penetrating. Penetrating injuries imply damaged brain substance and meninx; with non-penetrating injuries the brain and brain membranes remain intact.

Forensic medical investigation of brain injuries

Forensic psychiatric evaluation of persons in personal injury cases is ambiguous and depends on the stage and clinical implications of the disease. The most complex is expert assessment of the acuity of traumatic disease, because experts do not observe it personally. To assess the mental condition in retrospect, they use medical documentation of surgical hospitals, where the patient usually is sent immediately after getting a head injury, criminal case files and the patient’s description regarding their state in that period. In view of the retro- and anterograde amnesia the information reported by patients is extremely scarce. However, practice shows that in the acute period of traumatic disease serious illegal actions against the person, transport crimes are often committed. The expert evaluation of the victims becomes massively important.

Brain injuries may lead to serious consequences.

Brain injuries may lead to serious consequences.

Forensic psychiatric examination of the victims who sustained a head injury in a criminal situation has its peculiarities. In such case a set of issues is observed, such as
the ability of a person to perceive the facts of the case and to give testimony,
the ability to understand the character illegal acts committed against them,
the ability to participate in the judicial and investigative activities and exercise their right to protection (capacity to sue) regarding their mental state.
In respect of such persons comprehensive evaluation is carried out by the representative of forensics, who state the severity of injuries sustained in the result of the criminal situation in head injuries. If a person got minor injury, he or she can correctly perceive the circumstances of the incident and give testimony, as well as understand the nature and significance of action and to exercise their right to defense with the help of brain injury lawyer.

I need a lawyer: searching tips

Any person may get into a difficult life situation, which requires knowledge and understanding of the law. In such cases people ask for help a professional lawyer.
The search for a lawyer, as a rule, begins with asking relatives and friends if they know a sensible lawyer. If the answer is no, then we search for a lawyer in the Internet. And here comes up a problem: how to find a really competent expert in this ocean of advertisements. Here are some recommendations for those who want to find the best lawyer for themselves.


If a lawyer position himself/herself as an expert in both criminal and civil cases, it must be a cause for concerns. You cannot be a jack of all trades when you deal with law, because it is impossible to square the circle, although experts of too narrow specialization is also not very efficient. It is difficult to be a qualified specialist in today’s highly comprehensive and rapidly changing legislation.
For example, civil lawyers specialize in general civil disputes (contract law, property law), disputes related to inheritance and housing.

Detailed advice

Your lawyer must explain in simple terms the adopted position in the present case, the line of defence, the course of the lawsuit. It is unacceptable to hear from a lawyer: “Don’t worry, now I am engaged in the case, and you do not understand anything in it anyway.”

No rash promises

A lawyer cannot say in advance that the solution of the case will be positive; the judge makes the decision, not the lawyer. It is understandable that the customer wants to know in advance the outcome of the case, but it is impossible. If everything was so simple and clear from the outset of the dispute, then there would be no disputes at all, as well as the courts to settle them.

High price for the services

The services of a qualified lawyer cannot be free or, even worse, cheap. All sorts of offers to provide services for free is nothing but a way to entice a client to paid services. Cheap services mean that the lawyer is not experienced, or is not going to handle your case up to the end.


The lawyer must not take on so many cases that it is impossible to digest them. Unfortunately sometimes we see in courts that an attorney begins to hastily read the materials of the case already before the trial, and as a result confuses names, facts, evidence, references to the laws.

A good lawyer must take every little detail of the case.

A good lawyer must take every little detail of the case.


It should be easy to contact with a lawyer. Often the clients complain that it is impossible to get a lawyer on the phone, and he/she never calls back. This is unacceptable.


A lawyer or a legal firm should have a website. The site must contain at least information about the registration number of a lawyer, membership in a particular Bar Association, education, phone number, e-mail. You are lucky if you find a lawyer’s court practice, articles on the issue you are interested in. This means that the lawyer worked in this area of legal regulation and familiar with the problems of this nature.

Injury law: assault and battery

Offences against health appear in their two forms – assault and battery. Originally, these crimes come from English common law and retain its features in the basis. However, in America they have acquired some peculiarities. This is especially true when we are speaking about aggravations by assaults and batteries.


The distinction between these crimes is drawn by one of fundamental aspect – physical contact of the offender and the aggrieved person. If the accused, for example, waving his fist in front of the latter and threatening to hit him, it is an assault. If the threat turns to action, it is a battery.

According to the common law a slightest touch is enough to reclassify an assault into battery. An assault may be an attempt of a battery and (or) intimidation with causing a battery.


The criminal codes of different states set different approaches to defining the assault. In some, it is a crime defined as an attempt of battery, in others – as placing someone in the state of reasonable fear of suffering a battery, but more often the two definitions are used. Some of the criminal codes do not define an assault at all, while in many other such provisions either do not exist or an assault in them is delineated as a battery. In the last case, the responsibility for the assault as an attempted battery is considered according to the general provisions of attempted acts. As for the assaults in the form of intimidation, they are usually covered by liability rules for threats or intimidations.

Often the assault results in a battery. However, there are cases when a battery (personal injury) is inflicted without an assault, that is without foregoing threats.

Assault charges should be reasonable.

Assault charges should be reasonable.


It must be emphasized, that the two terms are rather conventional, especially the term “battery”, as it can mean a variety of actions and inaction as well.

There are some more or less common features of legislation concerning the liability for the battery.

Firstly, the battery are now generally understood in a different way than before according to the common law. For example, the modern statutes prescribe that one touch is not enough for a conviction of a battery. Usually it requires a bodily injury caused by the accused.

Secondly, only a few states have articles about battery in their criminal codes. These include, for example, Wisconsin and California. There are the states, which contain articles entitled “assault” which is a “battery” in fact, or rather, infliction of bodily injury (criminal code of New York). The refusal of many state legislators from using the term “battery” is positive phenomenon, as the term “assault” more accurately reflects the nature of the act.

Thirdly, the legislation of many states divide a battery into degrees, usually three, like in the criminal code of New York, but sometimes a larger number of degrees are described, such as in the criminal code of Kentucky (four).

Disability lawyers explained

The term ‘disability lawyer’ may have different meanings. It may be a disability attorney, who speaks on behalf of someone else in the court, who is disabled. The advocacy is carried out in order to obtain or retain the rights of the disabled, which may be represented, for example, as state benefit payments or modification of the learning environment. The benefits sought for depend on the particular person. Disability lawyers can specialize in a particular area of right protection and work only with those clients who are in need of specific things. Such lawyers can work for free or, more commonly, they can charge people for their services.

Help in obtaining social benefits

In countries such as the United States, there many professional lawyers who work with disabled people to help them navigate in complex procedure of application for the Medicare program, for example. They may be attorneys or other certified lawyers for disability protection that help if the applications have been denied. Many people feel that they will have a better chance of success in getting social benefits, if they engage a disability lawyer. In many cases lawyers can make a difference, but people have to pay for this service, and if they are disabled, it can be difficult to do, because such payments are quite high. You can work with disability advocates through charity organizations; they provide their services for free. In addition, the disabled may ask for assistance their friends or relatives, if they have enough competence in law issues. If the help is needed in drawing up applications for disability benefits, the services of representatives may come useful.

Disability lawyer will help to get necessary social benefits.

A disability lawyer will help to get necessary social benefits.

Special education lawyers

In the United States, there is other kind of disability lawyers working in the field of special education, and may be referred to as special education lawyers. These people are experts in the special education law or lawyers who specialize in this area. They help parents to advocate children who need individualized education plans or qualify for 504 Plan. Sometimes schools are not able to fulfill their obligations to provide proper accommodation and other facilities for children special needs. Disability lawyers can make such necessary changes be effected and accelerated or test. The work of such lawyers is usually paid, but sometimes parents can use the services of a teacher or other education specialist on a voluntary basis.

Do you really need a disability lawyer?

Successful disability advocates, as a rule, have a solid grasp on the laws and possess good communication skills so that they can advise clients. Nevertheless, sometimes one can go without their services and skills. Announcements of the lawyers and TV programs persuade us into believing that it is impossible to obtain legal services without the help of a disability lawyer. Often it is true, and people can do a lot being persistent enough and submitting applications. On the other hand, when you fail repeatedly, it may be worth it to hire a lawyer

What is wrongful death?

Causes of death are investigated by medical examiners. Death can occur as a result of external or internal factors. Judicial medicine distinguishes several categories of death, wrongful death among them.

Categories of death

Firstly, death may be violent and non-violent.
Violent death occurs as a result of effects of the different external factors: mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and others.
Non-violent death occurs due to various diseases. Hidden or latent disease that at first do not threaten life, under certain conditions may lead to a rapid, unexpected death, the occurrence of which arouses suspicion that the death was violent.
Such cases like murder, suicide and death caused by an accident are classified as violent death.
Nonviolent death may be sudden or unexpected. Sudden death occurs when a person dies unexpectedly from a disease, being apparently healthy (for example, when a person went to work and died suddenly at the bus stop waiting for the bus). Death may occur because of a diagnosed disease, but without any life-threatening symptoms to be observed, when the disease progresses sharply and causes death (for example, when a doctor comes to assist the patient at home, determines the condition of the patients as satisfactory, orders appropriate treatment, and some hours later receives a message that the patient died).

Wrongful death in the USA

We often hear stories about accidents or mistakes made by people who take care of us. Such errors may lead to premature death. As long as it does not happen to us, it is difficult to understand the full severity of the emotional, physical and financial problems of those who lost a loved one.
There exists a lot of situations when negligence of a person or organization may cause sudden death of another person. The first task of a wrongful death attorney is to find all the facts that led to the death of the person. These facts are often not easy to find, and it is necessary to conduct a deep investigation of the case. A wrongful death lawyer should do everything possible to restore the truth.

It is hard to imagine that sorrow which overtakes the family, which faced such an accident.

It is hard to imagine the sorrow that overtakes the family, which faced such an accident.

Most cases of violent death in the USA may be divided into three groups:
Accidental death. Negligence causing someone’s death is a widespread phenomenon. In some places, the risk is slightly higher: construction sites, parks, public transport, private boats, automobiles, motorcycles, broken wires, fallen branches and trees, as well as cots, toys and ladders.
Oversight in a nursing home. Nursing home is a place where everyone should get maximum attention and care. If a person does not receive it to the full, death may occur. And the responsibility for that should be borne by the organization. Even if you slip and fall – it can result in a bone fracture, which may become the cause of premature death some time later.
Medical error. This is one of the most common causes of violent death in our country. Often, the cause of death remains unclear or is indicated as a disease complication. Wrong dose of anaesthesia, wrong choice of treatment or wrong combination of drugs are never stated as causes of death in the official papers. If necessary, a lawyer should make a request for toxicological examination to find out the true cause of death.

How to find a car accident attorney

Even the most careful driver may get into a car accident, but not everyone knows juridical subtleties. That is why it is important to find a professional auto accident lawyer who will fix the problems caused by the accident.
The first task of a lawyer is tohelp you to mitigate the court’s decision or to escape responsibility. If injured people were involved, or the accident resulted in death of a person, a lawyer’s assistance is vital and a good lawyer is to be found immediately.
It must be said that it is not an easy task. There are many details that should be taken into consideration.


One should understand the difference between a lawyer and an attorney. To put simply, a attorney is a lawyer, but a lawyer is not necessarily can be regarded as an attorney. Thus, if you need an attorney (for example, if the case was opened against you), the first thing your should pay attention to is whether a specialist has a relevant certificate.
You can check an attorney by his/her number. Use only official state judicial websites and databases.


One of the most important aspects in searching a good lawyer is the place of work of a specialist. If the lawyer is not self-employed, he/she should be attached to a legal organization, it may be a bar association, lawyer’s office, legal consultation office. Be careful when dealing with independent lawyers.


How to find an attorney who will focus precisely on car accidents? This is a very important question.
It is necessary to give preference to an accident attorney. He has to specialize in issues related to traffic accidents and have extensive experience in this field. There are several ways to find such a lawyer:
It would not go amiss to study the practice of judicial decisions in those cases where a particular lawyer was engaged. You should find out how many cases were won. To do this, you can visit the official websites of courts, where this information can be found.
Another way is to search the Internet if the lawyer has scientific publications on the subject of road accidents. You can also check whether a lawyer was involved in some cases, which have caused a great resonance.

First meeting

During a personal meeting, ask how close your problem to a specialist is. State your position and explain what exactly you expect from the lawyer’s work.
Pay attention to all the details, such as: looks, intelligent, well-bred speech. A good lawyer must have an air of reliability and charisma.
Even during the first conversation you can understand the lawyer’s level of competence, whether he can adequately represent your interests in court.

After the first meeting with a lawyer you should see if your cooperation will be productive.

After the first meeting with a lawyer you should see if your cooperation will be productive.

What are the things you need to consider at the initial consultation? Pay attention to the following points:
Payment for service. This question should not be raised immediately. A good lawyer need to get to the details of your case. If a lawyer immediately mentions the payment for service, this can be regarded as an evidence of unprofessionalism and bias. The services of such a specialist should be abandoned.
Guarantee of success. If the lawyer is really competent, he/she will not immediately give you any guarantee. He/she needs to understand how things are going and analyze all the details. Only after that the lawyer will be able to give any forecast regarding the success of the case.


Great importance should be paid to the level of your psychological comfort. You should trust your lawyer. The relations between the lawyer and his client should be respectful and confidential. If these conditions are not met, productive cooperation is hardly possible.


To sum it up, a good attorney must:

  • have a registration number;
  • be attached to a legal organization;
  • be a specialist;
  • have good manners;
  • pursue case-by-case approach.

Nursing home abuse in the USA

More than 1 million elderly Americans live in approximately 16,000 nursing homes now. Due ageing of population these numbers will increase significantly in 20 years. Each state has a Department of Health. This organization is responsible for the safety of all patients who are kept in healthcare institutions, as well as for their protection of any injures and abuse.

Patient protection at nursing homes

When an elderly person is being placed into a nursing home, he/she and his/her family expect that he/she will receive proper care and appropriate attitude.
Negligence in nursing homes, or, to be more precisely, the inability of institutions to meet the needs of their patients, is a problem that exists in all types of nursing homes in every country.

The reasons for negligence in nursing homes

The main cause of negligence in nursing homes may be the influx of corporations in the nursing home industry. In most cases, companies just want to gain profit, and the quality of patient care is neglected. One can observe quite frequently that the owners of nursing homes cut staff to a minimum level and hire less experienced workers who can be paid less. These changes in the industry has a direct impact on patient care. The cases of ill-treatment, abuse and traumatizing patients are more common than ever, as corporate owners try to maximize the profitability of the institution by reducing the quality of care provided to patients.

Signs of negligence in a nursing home

Signs of negligence or poor care in nursing homes are very different. The patient’s family is in the best conditions in order to judge whether the necessary care is given to their relative. Some signs of inadequate care may gradually increase and may not always be apparent during regular visits. Despite this, experts have identified common signs of systematic negligence in nursing homes, which include:
– Separation from family and friends;
– Weight loss;
– Loss of appetite;
– Changes in behaviour, anger;
– Bed sores;
– Dirty conditions.

A mood change is the first reason for concern.

A mood change is the first reason for concern.

Poor care occurs even in the institutions having the best reputation.
Ill-treatment, whether physical or emotional, should have no place in any institution, especially in those where the care for the elderly is provided. Unfortunately, we constantly face mistreatment of the staff, visitors and other patients in regard to our loved ones. And though it is insulting to find out about these episodes, the family should take appropriate measures: this is the right granted by the law. The well-being of other patients of the institutions who become victims of humiliation also depends on measures taken to exposing such behaviour. How can we shed light on these crimes?

You need a lawyer

Family lawyers, specializing in negligence in nursing homes, should help you to find juridicial protection. They cooperate with many healthcare experts, doctors and other lawyers to ensure that the corporate owners will bear responsibility for the ill-treatment, such as:
– Bed sores;
– Recurrent falls;
– Cases when patients leave the nursing home and disappear;
– Medical errors;
– Physical violence and abuse;
– Premature death.


Probate is a process which takes place when a person dies. In case there is a will left by a decedent, the court must respect his or her decision. In this way, the judge will decide what must be done to the assets according to the will. If a person dies without leaving his will, the court must refer to the probate laws. The distribution of property will be bases on hereditary succession.
The probate process is about collecting testator’s assets and distributing property to heirs.


Probate is a legal procedure that comes after someone dies

The probate of a will

This means that the will must be proved in a court. Otherwise the heirs mentioned in the will have no legal rights for the assets until the court admits the genuineness of the document. The will must be probated as soon as possible after the testator’s death. The person who represents his or her will on the court is either personal representative or an attorney.
A will that has been changed so that all its statements have become invalid will be denied probate. If the change concerns only particular statements, the rest of them must be probated. The documents that will be probated may involve all the recent papers that include the testator’s wills. Probate court’s task is to figure out what intentions the testator had for his assets by seeking all the necessary information in documents and other papers left by them. The court chooses to distribute a property according to the laws if there are no alternatives.
As a rule, the document presented to the court must be original. A copy of a will may be denied to probate unless there are some reasonable explanations for that. If a probate attorney proves that the original will has been destroyed or it is impossible to represent it on a trial due to some particular reasons, it may be probated.
Some states have special laws according to which they can deal with such situations. Before the will is admitted to be lost, the thorough search must precede the trial.
In case the will has been made in a foreign language, it will be probated if the testator understood it. The will must be accompanied by a translation.

What is the probate lawyer’s task?

The probate lawyer is a person who is supposed to carry you through the whole probate process. The procedure depends on the country and the region where the testator died. Whether the person has or has not left the will also matters, as in different cases there will be different kinds of processes. That is why the probate lawyers have to be knowledgeable of the laws of particular country or state.

How to find a child support lawyer

Child support is a payment made by a non-custodial parent to provide child with a necessary sum of money. The parent is compelled to pay the child maintenance by the trial after the marriage is over. The one who pays the child support is called an obligor. The one who gets it – an obligee, usually this role belongs to a custodial parent.

Child support is payed from a non-custodial parent to a custodial one

Child support is payed from a non-custodial parent to a custodial one

What is required from a lawyer?
A family lawyer who deals with the child support issues has to:

  • • Possess a thorough knowledge of civil litigation. Your attorney is supposed to know all the aspects connected with family law, i.g. child support issues;
    • Prepare legal pleadings and records. Your lawyer protects your interests on the court, so he is supposed to represent them;
    • Calculate an amount of money. Different states do not have the same guidelines for a sum of the child support payments;

What is taken into account?
The calculations made for the payment are made according to:

  • • An income of an obligor;
    • An obligee’s assets ;
    • Expenses for medical care;
    • Insurance;
    • Child’s age;
    • Everyday expenses;

What are you required to tell a lawyer?

  • • Discuss with a child support attorney what arrangements you have with your ex-spouse. In case of non-payment the child maintenance payments, you will be supposed to represent these arrangements on the court;
    • Show your personal financial information. It will be used during the calculation of the amount of child support;
    • Bring all the divorce and child custody documents;
    • Feel free to ask the questions you are concerned about.


Where to seek an attorney?
• Use special web sites intended to help you find a lawyer. Usually these sites upload all the necessary information related to the lawyer’s professional skills and qualities.
• Turn to your local association bar. These organizations provide with the legal help and will consult you through the phone.
How to understand that the lawyer is right for you
• Do not fall for an advertisement. No matter how well-made it is, such qualities as professionalism, education and a good knowledge must be on the top of the list of your demands.
• Objectiveness and analysis. The lawyer’s task is to evaluate your case from different sides. The lawyer is not supposed to agree with on every matter, but he should direct you by explaining what is right to do.
• Consult the reviews on your lawyer. The one who is praised for his professionalism and won cases is more likely to win yours than the one who was accused of unprofessionalism.